Common Joins Suicide Squad In Mystery Role


David Ayer’s Suicide Squad has gained yet another cast member, this time in the form of recent Academy Award winning rapper-turned-actor, Common. Like much of the film itself, however, Common’s role is being kept secret, meaning the door is wide open for rampant theorizing and speculation.

Much of that speculation has already turned toward Green Lantern John Stewart. Common was actually cast in the role of Stewart in Mad Max director George Miller’s 2007 Justice League movie, which was cancelled just before going into production. While it’s entirely possible that Common has been granted another shot at playing the popular Lantern (especially with rumors swirling that Stewart will make it to the screen this time around instead of Hal Jordan), I think it’s unlikely.

The Green Lantern solo film isn’t expected to hit theaters until 2020, and early reports have suggested that the character won’t join the ranks of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman until Justice League: Part Two arrives in 2019. The chances of Warner Brothers casting the role this early, and leaving that big decision to David Ayer, are slim.

Black Manta Bronze Tiger

The fact that Common’s name has appeared so close to the film’s production start date suggests that he has landed a smaller role. As such, there are a few other parts that he could play in Suicide Squad that would make more sense at this point in time. Popular team member Bronze Tiger – who’s often seen as a leader of the Squad – was noticeably absent from early casting developments, while roles for villains like Aquaman foe Black Manta or Batman enemy Black Spider could get smaller parts as well, akin to what Killer Croc will be doing in the movie.

Then, of course, there’s the role of Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor. While Scott Eastwood was initially rumored for the part, subsequent reports have made it clear that he’s in line for a different (and, of course, mysterious) character, leaving the role of Trevor wide open.

Tell us, who do you think Common is playing in Suicide Squad? Would you like to see him play John Stewart, or embody a villain instead? Let us know in the comments below.

Suicide Squad will hit theaters on August 5th, 2016.

Source: THR