Justice League Movie Villains And Green Lantern’s Role Revealed


Now that Warner Brothers has announced the details on its ambitious 12-film DC cinematic universe, previously-reported information is beginning to make sense and fall into place, namely regarding which villains will show up to engage in intergalactic fisticuffs with the Justice League and how a character like Green Lantern will fit in.

Regarding the villains, we had heard reports that Darkseid wouldn’t be showing up until Justice League 2and now that appears to be the case. Additionally, we heard this past weekend that Brainiac would be the baddie in the first Justice League film, and that appears to be true as well.


According to Badass Digest, those reports are accurate and set the stage for Green Lantern’s appearance in the DC cinematic universe. We recently learned that he would be getting his own solo film (which will act as a reboot) in 2019, a year before Justice League: Part 2 hits theaters. As it turns out, he may in fact show up a bit sooner than that, at the very end of Justice League: Part 1 in 2017. 

Here’s what Badass Digest reported today:

“BvS will end with the Justice League either assembled or all onscreen, having figured out the big threat facing them. There’s been another villain working behind the scenes of that movie and, as Latino Review reported, it’s Brainiac. That’s your Justice League villain, and my sources tell me that he’ll be defeated by a team that is made up of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and The Flash. Then at the end of the movie Green Lantern shows up and is like, “Guys, there’s a big bad guy from space coming your way,” and the Justice League is like, “Nah, brah, we got it already,” and Green Lantern is like, “Dudes. DUDES. It’s Darkseid.”

Of course, we won’t know if these details are actually true until the films arrive or until we get official word, but I honestly think they make perfect sense and could lead to some pretty exciting movies.

Tell us, what do you think of this news? Would you like to see Brainiac and Green Lantern show up in Justice League, followed by Darkseid in Justice League: Part 2? Let us know in the comments section down below.