Community Producers Chosen As Captain America 2 Directors

Can you feel the brotherly love? As Marvel-related news explodes all over the internet, the superhero studio and its head Kevin Feige have announced some of its hottest news yet: they have chosen Anthony and Joe Russo to helm Captain America 2.

The Russo Brothers are best known for producing the fan-adored but ratings-challenged NBC sitcom Community and were shortlisted along with better-known directors F. Gary Gray (The Negotiator) and George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau) in March. Apparently, Anthony and Joe hit it off with Feige and the duo are now poised for their big break.

This is not the first directing expedition for The Russo Brothers, having previously helmed the Owen Wilson comedy You, Me and Dupree and 2002 crime comedy Welcome to Collingwood. This will, however, be their first venture into big budget, FX-laden territory.

All of the Marvel offerings so far have their fair share of humour, so the choice of this comedy team is not hard to understand in that respect. Whether they can handle such a huge step-up in scope is another matter entirely. We’ve seen a lot of this lately with smaller directors being tapped to take on huge projects (Gavin Hood and X-Men: Origins Wolverine, Marc Webb and The Amazing Spider-Man to name a few) so we’ll soon see how the Russo’s fare with The First Avenger.

Captain America 2 parades into theaters April 4, 2014.

Source: THR

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