Check Out Gwen Stacy And The Lizard In New Amazing Spider-Man Clip

The Amazing Spider-Man has been struck with a case of The Avengers syndrome lately, having released a slew of trailers, clips, featurettes, photos and everything in between to reception that is (I think fair to say) sceptical but interested.

Despite the recent marketing blitz, the onslaught continues as Emma Stone recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to chat about her Gwen Stacy character and in doing so, she gave us a new clip set in the heart of the Oscorp labs.

The Lizard (played in human form by Rhys Ifans) is already on the rampage in this footage and reveals Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield) warning his lady love, Gwen, that the scaly scourge is on his way to Oscorp – a location at which she unfortunately resides after synthesizing some kind of antidote. From there the footage practically descends into slasher flick territory (in a good way) with the monster prying his way into the laboratory and sniffing around for his prey who, of course, is hiding in the closet.

I like The Lizard design save the Lord Voldemort-looking, off-kilter, humanoid face (personally I don’t see the problem with simply having a super-intelligent, lab coat-wearing Velociraptor on the loose) and if anything, he promises to be a formidable villain for the masked vigilante.

Also released onto the web were two viral videos of Dr. Curt Connors’ lab logs, chronicling his reptilian experimentation and foreshadowing at the inevitable human trials that will ensue.

As for the main footage, it begins at 3:48 of the Leno clip below.

[Sorry, this video is currently unavailable]