That New Avengers 4 Concept Art May Confirm A Popular Fan Theory


Unfortunately, for those of us hoping to manipulate time and drag the release of Avengers 4 closer – which, by my count, should be just about everyone – the corresponding Infinity Stone, along with the other five, don’t seem to be in working order following the cataclysmic finale of Infinity War.

If you recall, once Thanos (Josh Brolin) dusted half of the titular supergroup, the Infinity Gauntlet was looking a little worse for the wear, to say the least. Thankfully, unreleased Avengers 4 concept art – a piece of which, earlier this month confirmed that Captain America (Chris Evans) would be losing more than just his beard in the forthcoming follow-up – does appear to depict Thanos’ glove of doom in pre-snap condition.

What does that mean for our fallen heroes? Well, according to Nerdist, who theorized the following in the below video earlier today, it could serve as confirmation that Avengers 4 will indeed use time travel to reverse some, if not all, of Infinity War’s deaths.

As we mentioned above, one of the pieces of concept art showed the Mad Titan sporting his spiffy trademark armour – also in mint condition, mind you – wielding what looks to be a functioning, unused Infinity Gauntlet. Lending credence to the notion that, amongst other things, Avengers 4 “will use time travel elements to undo most of the character deaths that happened during the dusting.”

Given that we’ve seen set photos which tease a trip back in time to the Battle of New York from the first supergroup installment, and the “Ant-Man series heavily insinuating that the Quantum Realm allows for time manipulation,” the theory that our heroes will be doing battle with Thanos across a multitude to timelines in next year’s sequel is looking more and more likely to be on the level.

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