New Concept Art For Peter’s Homemade Suit In Spider-Man: Homecoming Surfaces


It’s become a tradition to see Peter Parker’s first makeshift attempt at his classic Spidey suit in the Spider-Man movies. Like it did with everything else, Spider-Man: Homecoming gave that trope a bit of twist, though, by having Peter lose his proper suit during the film and have to go back to the old one for a time. It was a nice development, as it forced the hero to use his own skills and it gave us the opportunity to get a better look at this homemade costume.

The design of it could have been very different, however. Ryan Meinerding – concept artist and head of visual development for Marvel Studios – has posted an early version of the suit he came up with on Instagram. Seen below, comic book fans will immediately notice that this is pretty much a perfect replica of an already-existing Spidey suit.

As Meinerding mentions in his caption for the image, the suit is based off the outfit worn by the Scarlet Spider in the comics. Though it’s not sported by Peter himself, it’s donned by his clone Ben Reilly, who goes by the vigilante moniker of the Scarlet Spider. It’s a safe bet that fans would have loved to have seen this suit on the big screen, though the eventual look we got was still solid. It also retained a little of the Scarlet Spider’s influence through the inclusion of the hoodie.

In his caption, the concept artist said the following:

It’s funny how somethings come full circle. I didn’t think my homemade Spider-Man mask would be one of them. There were a few attempts but when I was 17 years old, using my moms sewing machine and fabrics from @joann_stores I made my own Spider-Man mask. Peter Parker could be any of us. That’s one of the reasons why Spider-Man is one of the coolest superheroes of all time. Even at 17 years old I still felt like I could be Spider-Man ? @tomholland2013captured this Peter/Spidey so perfectly. He is hands down my favorite movie Spider-Man. Can’t wait to see him back playing Spidey! This version of the homemade suit is directly based off of my own creation. I will be posting more unused concepts over the next few weeks. The costume is based on the Scarlet Spider, which was designed

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