The Conjuring’s Ed And Lorraine Warren To Return For Annabelle 3


Much like its fellow Conjuring Universe production The Nun, the Annabelle movies don’t always fare well with critics but they manage a lot better at the box office – so much so, in fact, that Warner are even releasing the untitled Annabelle 3 over a year before the franchise-founding Conjuring series has been given its third instalment.

Speaking of which, this trilogy-making flick has also nabbed the leads from The Conjuring, albeit in supporting roles. Yes, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga will be returning once more as Ed and Lorraine Warren respectively, though the focus of the film – other than the demonic doll, of course – will be their ten-year-old daughter Judy, played in previous features by Sterling Jerins.

Deadline’s report confirms earlier claims that Annabelle 3 will be the Night at the Museum of horror films, in that the feared figurine will be wreaking havoc one frightful evening when she awakens the evil hibernating in the Warrens’ Artifacts Room. With the parents out of the house, Judy and her teenage cousin babysitter will be forced to fend for themselves. It seems that this ever-expanding cinematic universe is still finding ways of exploring new ideas while keeping the Warrens as the beating heart of the saga.

For another example of how this franchise plans to stay fresh, it was previously reported that The Conjuring 3 will be moving away from the the haunted house format of the first two entries. What exactly the movie will be offering in its place remains to be seen, but that flick is scheduled to hit theaters on September 11th, 2020.

In the meantime, Annabelle 3 will be bringing the franchise back home when it comes out on July 3, 2019