Exactly How Much Does It Cost To Be Iron Man And Batman?

The cost of being a superhero isn’t something that most heroes have to take into account. The majority of them have some extraordinary ability that allows them to fight the forces of evil with ease. Whether it be the result of an experiment gone wrong, being born on another planet or a bite from a radioactive bug, there are usually very few expenses involved in defending the universe, unless of course you’re Batman or Iron Man.

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are two men who were never granted a superpower, other than the size of their bank accounts. Despite being normal human beings, they used their wealth to become two of the most feared crime-fighters around.

Recently, British price comparison website Money Supermarket decided to do some estimations to see just how wide those men had to open their wallets to become the billionaire defenders of the DC and Marvel universes. The results are shown in two infographics that the site posted.

The estimations they’ve compiled are interesting, but at times a bit unrealistic. For example, they list Batman’s Kevlar armor at $3,000 instead of the $300,000 cost that Lucius Fox states in Batman Begins. Heck, if that armor only cost $3,000, I probably wouldn’t wear anything else.

Also, the forearm blades listed at $1,000 seems a bit low. If that were the case, why waste money on pepper spray that has to be refilled? Just let women wear a pair of forearm blades around New York and then watch the number of muggings drop.

I’m not as sure about the accuracy of the Iron Man estimations as I’ve never even been window shopping for a set of shoulder-mounted anti-personnel guns, but I will say that I won’t be upgrading to a $10,000,000 Jarvis Super-Computer any time soon, despite how great the gaming would probably be.

Also, if they were going to include Stark’s cars on the list then they probably should have included Wayne’s Lamborghini too, right?

In total, the cost of being Iron Man comes in at a whopping $1,612,717,000, compared to the cost of being Batman, which totals in at a relatively miniscule $682,451,350.

Thankfully, according to the Forbes fictional 15 list released in April, Stark and Wayne can afford the extra expenses as they are ranked 5th and 8th respectively.  Still, Peter Parker does his super-hero duty on a freelance-photographer’s wages, which seems a whole lot more practical (aside from the whole finding a radioactive spider business).

Despite the potential inaccuracies in some of the estimations, the infographics are still very interesting and we’ve posted them below for your viewing pleasure.

Check them out and let us know your thoughts.