Could Elvira Could Make A Permanent Return To TV? Shudder Boss Weighs In

Elvira horror
Image via New World Pictures

We’re getting more insights as to whether we can expect to see more of the horror hostess with the mostess, Elvira, in some kind of permanent capacity on the streaming platform Shudder.

The Mistress of the Dark herself, as portrayed by the surprisingly ageless Cassandra Peterson, is already featured prominently on the streaming platform now through Halloween to celebrate the character’s 40th anniversary. But she does not yet have a permanent presence on the platform.

Thanks to a recent “Ask Me Anything” thread on the horror subreddit of Reddit hosted by none other than Shudder General Manager Craig Engler, we’re getting a better idea of the kind of content we can expect to see on the platform moving forward.

In response to one Reddit user’s question asking if there are any plans of giving Elvira her own permanent show, similar to what Shudder did with Joe Bob, Engler said nothing is officially in the works yet, but they would “love to find more ways to work with Cassandra. She’s amazing and a national treasure.” Take a look at the answer below:

On the one hand, it’s a disappointment to hear the gothic-yet-sultry character won’t grace our screens throughout the year, but on the other, it’s good to hear that it’s not necessarily a closed door, either, since the network has an amicable relationship with her.

And if you just can’t get enough of Elvira, did you know you can also catch her on the streaming giant Netflix this month? You can read all about her horror content prescription for October anxiety right here.