Crawl Was Originally Supposed To Have A Much Darker Ending


There are very few times during the movie Crawl where things go right for the human characters. In fact, the entire film is packed with ill-fated decisions and bad luck. In the end, however, all three of the protagonists are saved. This wasn’t always the case, though. In one of the original drafts for the flick, the plot gets considerably darker right when the crew is about to get rescued.

Director Alexandre Aja revealed in a recent interview just how bad things were supposed to get for Haley, Dave and Sugar, saying:

“We had a draft. This is pure spoiler but we had a draft with the final alligator grabbing them in the basket, going up. We didn’t shoot it but on the script stage, we explored a few different directions.”

Well, that certainly would’ve put a damper on the feature. Viewers should be happy that Aja decided to go with the happier finale. It wouldn’t have been as fulfilling if the characters had gone through all of that only to wind up still between the jaws of one of their reptilian adversaries.

According to both critics and audiences alike, the thrilling spectacle is already near-perfect as is. There’s plenty of heart-stopping action and unpredictable twists that keep moviegoers guessing until the very end. A sequel seems almost inevitable at this point, too. Since the three main characters survived, it’ll be interesting to see if they show up again for the potential follow-up or if the studio decides to explore a new story with new actors.

Arguably more important will be the question of whether or not Aja is involved with the possible next chapter. The director is reportedly being eyed to front the reboot of A Nightmare on Elm Street and is clearly a popular name in the horror genre right now. Hopefully a sequel to his alligator thriller happens with the 40-year-old still calling the shots from behind the camera.

Crawl is currently terrifying audiences in theaters nationwide.

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