Creepy It: Chapter Two Poster Slithers Online Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Trailer


Alert the residents of Derry, Maine, for there’s a killer clown on the loose… again.

27 years after the blood-curdling events of It: Chapter One, and Pennywise is on the verge of a comeback, which will only spell doom and gloom for the Losers’ Club. But make no mistake, this year’s second chapter – aptly named It: Chapter Two – signals the end of the Pennywise saga.

So what better way to ramp up the excitement than to unleash a brand new trailer for what is undoubtedly 2019’s biggest horror movie? That’s exactly what Warner Bros. and New Line have in mind, as the following poster serves as perhaps the perfect primer for tomorrow’s sizzle reel. Expect more thrills and spills than you can shake a red balloon at.

As for this decidedly creepy poster, well, let’s just say Bill, Ben, Bev, Richie, Eddie, Mike, and Stan – otherwise known as the Losers’ Club – are up against it.

While this poster errs on the side of minimalism, it does offer another sneak peek at Bill Skarsgård as the demented Pennywise, Eater of Worlds and Destroyer of Dreams. Few predicted that Skarsgård’s performance would match – let alone exceed – Tim Curry’s, and yet, the towering Swede was far and away one of the undisputed standouts of Chapter One.

This time around, he returns to the quaint town of Derry thirsting for blood, as his on-screen demon is seemingly angrier and scarier than he – or rather it – was in 2017. Frankly, that’s music to our ears; part of Chapter One‘s success was the film’s ability to unsettle its audience, even in moments of calm.

And based on It: Chapter Two‘s debut trailer, all those little background details are here to stay. We’ll be able to catch more footage tomorrow, before the sequel’s eventual release on September 6th.