The Losers’ Club Looks Ready For Battle In New It: Chapter Two Photo

It: Chapter Two

Now that It: Chapter Two is just months away, Warner Bros. is starting to let fans peek behind the curtain of the highly-anticipated sequel before its showcase at San Diego Comic-Con next month. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve gotten more and more intel on the upcoming fright fest, which, from what we can tell, is going to be even bloodier, even angrier, and yes, even scarier than the 2017 smash hit.

Earlier this week, Entertainment Weekly revealed their special, It-themed covers for their upcoming Comic-Con issues. In turn with a horrifying new look at the film’s iconic villain, Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise the Dancing Clown, we were shown the Losers’ Club in adult-form. And boy, do they look ready to kick some ass.

Thanks to star Jessica Chastain, who’ll be playing the adult version of Sophia Lillis’ Beverly Marsh and went ahead and posted the cover onto her Twitter, we can all bask in the group’s badass glory.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Pennywise is an unknown evil entity who torments the small town of Derry, Maine by feasting on the fear and the bones of young children every 27 years. In the 2017 film, we met the Losers’ Club, a group of young kids with a great deal of heart and humor, who actually held their own against the clown – they even served Pennywise a taste of his own medicine, as he admits with his final words that he’s scared.

According to Skarsgard, the demonic shapeshifter’s none too happy about that series of events. And It: Chapter Two will see Pennywise face off against the Losers’ Club, who’re 27 years older. When it comes to the stars, Chastain joins a whole group of talented actors, including Bill Hader and James McAvoy.

The good news is that we expect to get a whole lot more information on the horror movie in the coming weeks, especially during SDCC. But we want to know, are you excited for It: Chapter Two? Are you counting down the days until its September 6th release, or are you going to pass on this one? Drop us a comment down the below and tell us your thoughts.