‘Crimes of the Future’ director says the movie is as stomach-churning as he envisioned it

Image via Cannes Film Festival.

In today’s cinema, where the creative inclination usually comes second to the whim of the demographics and focus groups, David Cronenberg continues to keep it real by following a strict no censorship policy.

As the director explains in a new interview with IGN, his latest body horror showstopper Crimes of the Future won’t have a director’s cut, because everything he envisioned is already in the film.

“There will be no director’s cut because for me every cut is the director’s cut,” He said. “There is no other cut. I don’t pay any attention to censorship or anything like that. Each country has its own weird censorship. If you try to protect yourself against all of that, you are paralyzing yourself. So, I ignore all that. And I just decide what the movie wants.”

What his latest flick wanted apparently was disturbing footage of Viggo Mortensen and Léa Seydoux doing all sorts of absurd things to their bodies in front of a live audience, in a story involving a dystopian future where physical pain is slowly disappearing from human society.

For Cronenberg, extreme violence is something that serves his narrative, so he won’t shy away from it when all is said and done.

“Some movies, extreme violence is needed in the movie,” He continues. “There are other movies where there’s a violent action that takes place narratively, but doing it in an extreme, gory way would derail the movie, it would take people out of the movie because of the tone of the rest of the movie. So, each movie has its own demands and that’s all I was paying attention to completely with this movie. And that for me is the normal way.”

The director of A Dangerous Method assures his diehard fans that only two scenes were cut from the movie, but only because they were repetitious, narrative-wise.

Crimes of the Future is cutting a way open to theaters across the United States today.