There Will Be Crying In Theaters During Avengers: Infinity War, Says Mark Ruffalo


With the exception of Uncle Ben and Bruce Wayne’s parents, no one really dies in comic books, right?

That phrase gets tossed around quite a lot when it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too, as the only real person of interest to bite the bullet – so far, at least – is Agent Phil Coulson. And even he was resurrected for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

So it’s fair to say that Marvel tends to shy away from permanent deaths when dealing with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and their many allies – Tony Stark fell back to Earth and was rudely awoken by a rampaging Hulk in The Avengers, while in Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill survived an unscheduled spacewalk in order to save Gamora. The list goes on, really. But thanks to Avengers: Infinity War, that’s all about to change.

Over the past few weeks, one of the big things that the cast and crew keep stressing in various interviews is that the stakes have never been higher than they are here, and characters will meet their end – permanently. That much we know. Who exactly might bite the bullet is still up for debate, but if Mark Ruffalo’s to be believed, audiences best bring some tissues along with them to the theater.

Speaking to The Toronto Sun, the actor, who plays Bruce Banner/The Hulk said that when it comes to the deaths in Infinity War, they’re going to hit the fans hard.

“It’s going to be messy. There’s going to be a lot of messes in the theatre. … Plus crying.”

And again, Ruffalo’s hardly the first one to tell us that heroes will fall. Robert Downey Jr. said the same just last week, when he called the movie a “heads will roll” scenario.

“Believe me, I’m tired of every movie, you know, “It’s the end! It’s Armageddon! It’s the Be All, End All, Forever!” And then it’s… not. This one actually is. They’re not kidding. This is a heads-will-roll scenario.”

Seeing as many Marvel stars’ contracts are officially up once Avengers 4 rolls around, it’s impossible to say for certain which of the heroes – whether it’s just one or even several – is on their way out. But again, you’d be foolish to think that everyone will make it to the end of the pic alive.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th, at which point, we’ll be waving goodbye to some of our favorite characters. Again, we can’t say for sure just yet who may meet their maker, but feel free to leave your guesses down in the comments section below.

Source: Toronto Sun