Cult Of Chucky Opens Up “World Of Infinite Possibilities” For Series’ Future


Even though each and every entry into the Child’s Play film franchise has its supporters, odds are that some of you reading this were quite relieved when director Don Mancini returned the series to its roots with Curse of Chucky. Likewise, all signs point toward him continuing that trend with the much talked about Cult of Chucky.

That being said, it’s hard to argue against Mancini having a very clear vision, thus making him the right hand to guide our favorite Good Guy for the foreseeable future. And by bringing back Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay and keeping series stalwart Jennifer Tilly around, he’s certainly doing a fine job of staying on course.

But what may be most exciting of all is hearing that his brain seems to be packed with a myriad of ideas as to where to take Chucky next. Here’s what Mancini himself had to tease in a recent Facebook Live chat:

“I think that the end of this movie, hopefully, sets up a world of infinite possibilities. That was the intention. David Kirschner and I – he’s been the producer on all of the [Child’s Play] movies – are talking about a new iteration for the franchise. I know that sounds very vague. But that’s all I can say at this point.”

Yes, that’s pretty cryptic, but also quite thrilling to hear. To be honest, we don’t see him doing something as off the wall as, say, Seed of Chucky, so hopefully the ending of his upcoming film offers up some clues. Still, it’s highly doubtful that Mancini’s idea for a crossover with Freddy Krueger will come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream, right?

Cult of Chucky arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on October 3.