The CW Reportedly Considering Doing Arrowverse Movies

The Flash

The Arrowverse has come a long way since Stephen Amell finally got off that island in Arrow‘s pilot episode. Over the past 11 years, The CW’s hit TV franchise has grown into arguably the fullest and most expansive screen version of the DC universe we’ve seen to date. And though its original lineup of shows are running their course – Arrow ended last year, with Supergirl and Black Lightning concluding after their current seasons – the network has no intention of letting this well dry up.

This means that The CW could be entertaining a bold new way of extending the franchise. In fact, according to a rumor shared by tipster Daniel Richtman, the network is considering making some Arrowverse movies. That’s all we know on the topic for now, but it’s definitely an exciting prospect as feature-length spinoffs could tie into the existing hit series or even focus on a fresh character pulled from the pages of DC Comics. After all, not everyone can carry their own show. A one-off film, though? No problem.

The CW is potentially being influenced in this decision by AMC’s big plans for The Walking Dead universe. Andrew Lincoln is famously set to reprise Rick Grimes for his own movie trilogy. These are intended to be seen in cinemas, but it’s probably safe to speculate that any Arrowverse films would be streaming exclusives. HBO Max seems like the perfect place for them, too, as WarnerMedia is always looking for more DC content for the platform.

Arrowverse movies could also be the next evolution of the mega-crossover events that fans love so much but have become increasingly difficult for the cast and crew to pull off. Instead of trying to blend production on four/five/six shows together like before, maybe they could give us an Earth-Prime Justice League film, shot during the break between seasons?

In the meantime, fresh Arrowverse episodes unfold weekly on The CW and the latest series to kick off its new run is Supergirl, which premieres its sixth season on Tuesday, March 30th.