Here’s How Stranger Things’ Dacre Montgomery Could Look As Red Hood

Batman Red Hood

For a while there, it looked like Red Hood was coming to the DCEU fairly soon as Jason Todd’s death at the hands of the Joker was referenced in both Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. However, now that the franchise is going in a different direction with the Bat-mythos – Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight will be much younger and less-experienced than Ben Affleck’s – it doesn’t look like the former sidekick-turned-anti-hero is on the table at the moment.

But there’s no harm in still dreaming, right? As fans want to see Red Hood in the DCEU so badly, it seems the internet has chosen one candidate to play him above all others: Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery. If you’re struggling to see Billy Hargrove in the part, then maybe this awesome piece of fan art will help you out.

Instagram artist Willgray_art shared the below design this week, which puts Montgomery in the Red Hood outfit, complete with jacket and helmet in his hands. The cigarette in his mouth is a nice touch that adds to the character’s attitude as well.

Montgomery’s definitely got a knack for playing layered anti-heroes, but unfortunately, it sounds like the actor isn’t particularly interested in playing this one, or entering the DC (or Marvel) universe at all. When asked about possibly portraying Red Hood, he told GQ that he’d “love to dive into a different world that we don’t know, that we aren’t kind of given a lot of both in television format and cinema.”

This follows on from the star’s comments that he’s also done with the Power Rangers franchise as he spilled the beans that Hasbro are planning on rebooting the series without the cast of the 2017 movie. Both of these updates will likely upset Montgomery’s fans who were hoping to see him make his mark on the superhero genre.

With that in mind, tell us, who would you like to see play Red Hood in the DCEU? Sound off in the usual place below.