Matt Reeves’ The Batman Is No Longer A DCEU Prequel


Ever since Ben Affleck walked away from the project, it’s been considered a fact that Matt Reeves’ The Batman would serve as a prequel to Batfleck, as the grizzled version seen in Zack Snyder’s films had a long history of protecting Gotham before he was introduced in Batman V Superman: Dawn of JusticeThis seemed to be even more assured when the much younger Robert Pattinson was plugged as the top choice to play the Dark Knight in the movie.

According to our sources, though, Warner Bros. has altered its plans somewhat and The Batman might be going in a more standalone direction than initially intended. From what we understand, the film is no longer being thought of as a prequel. Pattinson’s casting confirms it’ll still explore a younger Bruce Wayne, but any ties to the Snyder Batman will be gone.

This apparently includes his supporting cast. The likes of Alfred and Jim Gordon are set to be recast, with Jeremy Irons and J.K. Simmons not returning to their roles. This fits with a previous report as well, which claimed Reeves was thinking of Richard E. Grant for Batman’s faithful butler.

All of that said, we’ve been warned that the movie may still sow some seeds so that it could feasibly be retroactively connected to the DCEU at a later date. It’s difficult to say how that might be achieved from what little we know, but one way of doing this would be to drop a few easter eggs hinting that the likes of Wonder Woman and Aquaman are out there. But that’s just speculation on our part.

In any case, we should know more soon, as The Batman is due to go before cameras this November, in order to hit its release date of June 25th, 2021.