Daisy Ridley Promises That Mark Hamill’s Star Wars Episode VIII Role Is “So Cool”


Star Wars: The Force Awakens was amazing, but the lack of screentime for Mark Hamill’s Luke Skywalker was definitely disappointing. That made the movie’s final scene no less chill inducing of course, but fans have spent the past couple of months fretting over the possibility that the Jedi Knight won’t have a major role in this new trilogy.

It’s a good thing then that Daisy Ridley has now made it clear that big things are on the horizon for Luke as Rian Johnson takes the helm of Star Wars Episode VIII.

“Me and Mark have been rehearsing a lot, and it’s really amazing. When we went back to Skellig to do the opening of [Episode] VIII, it was so crazy doing the same scene with a different crew of people. He’s amazing to rehearse with, and I’m very excited to be doing the rest of the stuff. It’s such a good story. Seriously. Luke is so cool in this one. Really.”

Star Wars Episode VIII will be the first movie in this franchise to pick up right where the last one left off, and seeing how Johnson handles that transition promises to be very interesting indeed. It’s clear that we’ll be spending a lot of time with Rey and Luke regardless, but more details on their relationship and Star Wars Episode VIII in general are a long way off from being revealed sadly.

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