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Daniel Craig May Be Heading To The MCU After James Bond

Daniel Craig is turning in his license to kill with No Time to Die, but rumors persist he'll be heading to the MCU for an unknown role.

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Daniel Craig is among the most successful actors in Hollywood. He’s the longest-serving James Bond to date, with the producers tempting him back for No Time to Die with a $25 million pay deal. But even that was eclipsed when Netflix swooped in to purchase Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequels, netting Craig a cool $100 million in the process. Now he could be set for even bigger things, as rumors persist he’s about to join the MCU.

The story comes via GiantFreakinRobot, which reports that right now, he isn’t connected to any specific part but is in talks with Marvel Studios. So, what could he be in line for?

The rumor mill currently says he’s being considered for Wonder Man, an ionic energy-powered hero who has regularly popped up in the Avengers’ comics line-up. That’s as maybe, but a glance into the MCU’s future gives us several parts that could fit him beautifully.

We know that the X-Men and The Fantastic Four are both heading to the MCU and Craig would be a great fit for either of these two projects. He’d be an excellent Magneto and his Bond proves he’s got the combination of vulnerability and force of will needed to bring the character to life. But I can also see him as a fine Victor von Doom, particularly if they can figure out how to make him simultaneously camp and intimidating.

Daniel Craig is in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose which roles he takes. His success means that Marvel Studios is going to have to tempt him with a decent ongoing deal, so if he does sign up, expect his character to be a major player in the MCU going forward.

More on this rumor as we hear it.

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