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Netflix Closing In On $400M+ Deal For Knives Out 2 And 3, Daniel Craig To Return

Netflix is closing in on a mammoth $400M deal for Knives Out 2 and 3, with Daniel Craig and Rian Johnson set to return.

Knives Out

His first feature retort following Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson’s Knives Out saw him twirl around a cinematic top hat and successfully pull off a number of magic tricks. Indeed, throughout the film’s runtime, the writer-director managed to disorient and delight, with the movie boasting a slick, smart and witty script and a stellar ensemble that featured names like Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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The murder mystery focused on the patriarch of a wealthy and very eccentric family who’s found dead, with a private detective being brought in to discover the truth amidst many lies, misdirections and obfuscations. It was one of the very best films of 2019 and a highly entertaining watch.

Of course, there’s been talk of a sequel for a while now, but in a development as surprising as some of the twists in Knives Out itself, Deadline brings word tonight that it’s likely heading to Netflix. And not only that, but a third installment is looking to find a home on the streaming platform, too.

Knives Out

According to the outlet, Netflix is offering $400M+ (it could be as high as $450M, in fact) to secure the rights to both Knives Out 2 and 3, with Johnson and Craig expected to return for the pair of pics. Obviously, that’s a lot of money and Deadline notes that if it happens, it’d comfortably be “one of the biggest streamer movie deals in history.”

Apparently, Amazon and Apple were also vying for the films, but it seems Netflix is going to win out here, and you can bet that the platform’s gigantic subscriber base will propel both sequels to the very top of the most-watched list as soon as they arrive. After all, Knives Out played very well with audiences and no doubt folks will be thrilled to get the chance to watch the follow-ups from the comfort of their own homes.