Daniel Radcliffe Plans A Prison Break In Escape From Pretoria Trailer


Busiest man in Hollywood right now? Daniel Radcliffe must be up there.

No sooner had we finished digesting the trailer for his upcoming action comedy Guns Akimbo, we get another slice of Rad from something else. The slice in question is a new preview for his prison break film Escape from Pretoria, a based-on-real-life thriller regarding the escape of three political prisoners in Apartheid-era South Africa.

As always, you can check out the trailer in the box above. Or, carry on reading this magnificent prose. I’m content with either. Both work, too.

Curiously, Guns Akimbo and Escape from Pretoria each release within a day of each other (according to Wikipedia), Akimbo on March 5th and Pretoria on March 6th. That means there’ll be two Daniel Radcliffe-fronted features for you to choose from that weekend, a boon for Radheads (is that the term?). The films would appear to be low budget affairs, too, so tracking them down beyond their first week might be a little trickier than finding the latest Jumanji jaunt on New Year’s Eve.

In any case, you can drop a comment regarding your experiences with movies starring the same actor coming out at the same time in the usual place below. I’m struggling to recall specifics, but if a dormant memory elects to reveal itself within the next 100 words, I’ll let you know. I’m sure that the Rock has been in 97% of the films released in the last 2 years, but I’m also sure I haven’t seen any of them.

Did any of Tom Hanks’ Spielberg collaborations collide with anything else? What a hopeless exercise this has been. Still nothing. Made myself look a right dunce. Quick, I need a distraction. Look over there, it’s an Escape from Pretoria trailer! That’ll fool them.