Daniel Radcliffe Wants A Harry Potter Spinoff Focusing On The Marauders

Harry Potter

It’s now been almost eight years since the Harry Potter film series wrapped up, and after the closure offered by 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, most fans aren’t exactly crying out for Daniel Radcliffe to reprise his role for further sequels. Nonetheless, thanks to the ongoing Fantastic Beasts series, the Wizarding World has maintained a presence on the big screen over the years, and if you ask Radcliffe, there’s even potential for the franchise to branch out into further stories.

The actor recently attended the Television Critics Association winter press tour to promote his new TBS series Miracle Workers, but in an interview with TV Guide, the subject of Harry Potter came up, prompting Radcliffe to argue that the property may have further stories to tell on the small screen:

“I feel like there are other stories from that world that you could absolutely turn into a TV series, 100 percent.”

In particular, the star suggested a show focusing on Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter, collectively known as the Marauders:

“A series with the older generation, that could be very cool.”

As for whether we might ever see a reboot of the main Harry Potter saga on our screens, Radcliffe feels it’s inevitable, and is already curious to see what the next adaptation of J. K. Rowling’s books does with the property:

“I definitely think there will be another version of it within my lifetime. It will be interesting to see. At the moment those films have sort of a sacred varnish on them, but that will be worn away at some point… I’m just intrigued to see when that happens.”

Indeed, when a saga has made as much money as the Harry Potter series and remains a subject of ongoing obsession from readers and filmgoers around the world, surely it’s only a matter of time until Hollywood pushes forward with plans for a reboot. But while that idea remains little more than a vague possibility for some distant future, plans are already in place for Fantastic Beasts 3, which is said to be a bigger production than the previous two Potter spinoffs combined.

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