A Very Underrated Daniel Radcliffe Movie Hits Amazon Prime Next Week

Guns Akimbo

Amazon Prime has had a pretty strong month so far, bringing us their new original 7500 just this week while adding tons and tons of licensed content, from Crawl and Child’s Play to Knives Out and How To Train Your Dragon. But they’ve saved one of their best new additions for the end of June, it seems, as the 27th will see one of Daniel Radcliffe‘s most underrated films hit the streaming site.

Released earlier this year, back in February, Guns Akimbo mostly flew below the radar but was an absolute blast from start to finish, with its over the top violence and action, wacky plot and another committed performance from the young actor. It may not have scored exceptionally high with critics, but as far as pure fun and entertainment go, the film’s a winner.

If you’re not familiar with it, Radcliffe plays a man named Miles who finds himself as the next contestant with SKIZM, an underground gang who live-streams real-life death matches. He might be good at running away from everything else in his life, but that won’t help Miles out against Nix (Samara Weaving), another killer in the match who’s at the top of her game.

Guns Akimbo

Mashing together the absurd and over the top shoot-‘em-up gunplay of films like Shoot ‘em Up and the hyper-violent insanity seen in the likes of CrankGuns Akimbo rarely lets you catch your breath and once more proves that Radcliffe is an extremely versatile performer, able to handle any number of different roles.

Even in the short time since its release, it’s already began to gather up a cult following who’ve enjoyed revisiting it a few more times and if you missed it during its initial theatrical run – which is very likely – then you’d be wise to check out this underrated Daniel Radcliffe movie when it reaches Amazon Prime in just a few days.