Danielle Harris Wants To Play Jamie Lloyd Again In A Halloween Sequel

Halloween 5

Today is a big day for all you Halloween fans and stans out there. The rumor mill started churning pretty hard earlier when word let loose that Blumhouse is considering bringing back David Gordon Green to direct Halloween 2 and the unannounced Halloween 3 back-to-back, and possibly release them both in October 2020.

That is, again, still not 100% confirmed, but that’s the talk of the town. With all this sequel news, however, a series veteran has now come forward to say that she’d love to return: Danielle Harris, who played Laurie Strode’s daughter/Michael Myers’ niece Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4 & 5, before being unceremoniously replaced and killed off in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

The actress took to Twitter today amid the flurry of potential third iterations of sequels to movies called Halloween to ask the world a question I’m not sure it’s ready to answer: who wants to start another dumb petition to change a piece of media? Unlike the incels who keep pushing for that ridiculous Captain Marvel replacement garbage, Harris obviously means her’s in a nice, fun way. Danielle just wants to bring Jamie back, probably to actually meet her mother for once!

This wouldn’t be the horror actress’ first time returning to the franchise. Heck, not even her second, technically. She played Annie Brackett in Rob Zombie’s sincerely terrible Halloween remake and its even-worse sequel. Her character wasn’t much more than a screaming naked torso, though, as her main plot point is having sex and then dying. Not to mention that I just always thought bringing back Harris as the sexpot after being the child was a strange choice.

Granted, with how Blumhouse is retconning the entire series again, this means that Jamie doesn’t exist in this timeline. We’ve already met Laurie’s new, legitimate family, too. I mean, I guess the original heroine could still have hooked-up with an ambulance driver-turned-junkie at some point in her traumatic life, but even with how poorly written the last one was, that’s way too much of a stretch. I dunno, personally, I really don’t think Halloween 2018 was very good, but I’ll remain hopeful that the planned sequels are a bit better.