Danny Boyle Isn’t Interested In Making James Bond Or Big Budget Spectacles

The 92YTribeca presented a Conversation with Danny Boyle last night in New York. It was a very, very interesting hour long conversation with the director about, well, everything you would ever want to hear Danny Boyle talk about: his career, his upcoming film Trance, how he uses music in films, why he won’t direct a Bond movie and much, much more.

Among the highlights of the conversation were the fact that despite the wishes of many fans, Danny Boyle will not be directing a Bond film. When asked if he would ever consider helming the an entry in the franchise, he replied with the following:

“No,” Boyle laughed, joking that he had already made one. “I much prefer to have a ceiling,” Boyle said about lower budgets that force creative decisions. “A ceiling that is limiting us and you try and break through. We want our films to look like $100 million dollars, that’s for sure. And we want them to sound like $200 million. But you try and do that with that cap on them. And that’s where the energy, belief and evangelical nature of the process comes from. I love watching those movies (big budget films), I’m a big fan,” Boyle stressed. “Chris Nolan, Ridley Scott and they mustn’t stop making them, but they are not really the ones for me.”

This isn’t the first time that Boyle expressed his opinion on making a Bond film, at SXSW last week he said the following:

“It’s not for me, I’m afraid,” Boyle said with a laugh. “Because of the Bond thing in the Olympics, I visited the [Skyfall] set a few times and saw Sam, Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson and Daniel Craig and everybody. They’re different kinds of films, you know? They’re huge. They’re just huge. They wouldn’t get the best out of me, doing that sort of thing.”

So, it appears that the director is more comfortable doing work on films with smaller budgets, which is fine by us. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Boyle and I love his work. Some of my favourite films were directed by him and though I think he could bring a lot to a Bond film, if it takes a smaller budget to get the best out of Danny Boyle, then so be it.

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