Daredevil Reportedly Likely To Appear In A Future Avengers Movie


Every Marvel fan wants Charlie Cox to return as Daredevil. As well as wanting more of his beloved version of the Man Without Fear in general, the British star being brought back for future Marvel Studios projects would likely mean that he would get to cross over with the wider world of the MCU, something that being cooped up on Netflix previously didn’t allow him and the other Defenders to do. But could DD team up with the Avengers at any point?

That’s been the dream for fans for years now, and a new rumor points to this option being floated around behind the scenes. Scooper Mikey Sutton has shared on his Geekosity website that, first of all, Kevin Feige is very keen to bring Cox back as Matt Murdock as he loves his performance in the role. And as well as giving him a relaunched show, Sutton says that the vigilante could have a cameo in an upcoming Avengers flick, too.

“No solo movies have been talked about,” Sutton says, “but an appearance in an upcoming Avengers adventure is becoming increasingly likely.” Not that this means the Hornhead will become a card-carrying member of the team, though, as he may be more of an agent or an ally.

“Whether Daredevil joins the Avengers is another matter entirely,” Sutton continues, “but they want him to be their “man on the street” in New York. After all, not every adversary for the Avengers will be cosmic.”

Sutton also claims that Marvel is considering having DD team up with another group instead – the Midnight Sons, alongside Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and Punisher. Feel free to take this all with a pinch of salt, but it’s worth pointing out that our own intel generally lines up with what Sutton’s saying. After all, we’ve previously heard that Murdock could work with the Avengers and that the Midnight Sons are coming to the MCU.

All in all, then, the odds are looking very good that Daredevil will have a bright future in the franchise.