‘Daredevil’ showrunner clarifies comments on bringing back Henry Cavill’s Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman
Image via Warner Bros.

Fans have been pushing for a new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill for years. The character was sorely tested in Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, though his tale concluded on an agonising loose end that Warner Bros doesn’t appear to have any interest in following up on.

So, tongues were set wagging earlier when Smallville and Daredevil director/producer Steven DeKnight was quoted as saying he wants to bring Cavill back for a showdown with Brainiac. DeKnight has repeatedly said he’s a fan of Cavill’s Superman on Twitter, though many took this as a hint that he may actually be working on something.

Sadly that’s not the case as the screenwrite-director has clarified his comments on Twitter.

While DeKinght is not involved in any such project, the question that remains is could Cavill ever strap the cape back on? You shouldn’t rule anything out in a world where Michael Keaton is once again playing Batman after a thirty-year break, though the possibility of Cavill returning to the DCEU anytime doesn’t look like a possibility given his hectic schedule.

Right now he’s committed to Netflix’s hit The Witcher, which has plans for up to six series to map the adventures of Geralt of Rivia. These lengthy shoots will occupy much of Cavill’s time over the next few years and it’s clear from his social media that he is having a lot of fun playing Geralt and swashbuckling through a fantasy world.

Beyond that, Warner Bros. doesn’t seem interested in continuing the ‘Snyderverse.’ This hasn’t completely fizzled out as Batgirl, The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom are still set within it, though recent comments appear to indicate they want to move forward to a brand new cinematic universe.

Here’s hoping that there will come a day when we will get to see more of Cavill as Superman, though prepare yourself for a long wait.

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