‘Daredevil’ showrunner would love to make a Henry Cavill ‘Superman’ movie

Henry Cavill as Superman
Image via Warner Bros.

If you can believe it, this month marks exactly eleven years since Henry Cavill was first announced to be playing the DCEU’s Superman, but it would be an understatement of epic proportions to say he’s hardly been prolific in the decade and change since.

In fact, it’s been almost five years since he last suited up as Kal-El for Joss Whedon’s Justice League reshoots, and he’s only made three appearances in total as the comic book icon, four if you include his expanded presence in Zack Snyder’s HBO Max version.

The latest batch of rumors swirling around the franchise don’t paint a particularly encouraging long-term future for Cavill’s Big Blue Boy Scout, either, which shouldn’t come as a surprise when Warner Bros. have never shown much of a vested interest in a direct sequel to Man of Steel.

However, one filmmaker that would have clearly loved the opportunity is former Daredevil showrunner and Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven DeKnight, as he revealed when responding to fans on Twitter.

There are currently two new Superman projects confirmed to be in the works, neither of which feature Cavill’s Kryptonian, so if we don’t get some official updates on his status soon, we might end up not getting any at all.