‘Daredevil’ yellow suit rumor splits fan opinion down the middle


Long before Tom Holland’s third solo outing was even revealed to be multiversal in nature, we’d been bombarded with rumors claiming Charlie Cox’s Daredevil was poised to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe return via a cameo appearance in the project that eventually became Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As it turned out, the scuttlebutt was right on the money, with audiences going wild when the former Netflix resident popped up during the first act of the web-slinging epic. The only downside is that his screentime was very brief, but we can surely expect to see much more from the actor moving forward, especially when his arch-nemesis Kingpin has also been reintegrated into the fold.

Cox has been touted for plenty of projects already, including Disney Plus shows She-Hulk and Echo, but a prevalent rumor has claimed the Man Without Fear will be getting a more comic-accurate costume when he finally suits up again, bringing the red-and-yellow vintage into the MCU.

As you can see from the reactions below, though, not everybody is 100% sold on the idea.

Marvel Studios’ costume department has largely been impeccable so far when it comes to kitting out the franchise’s marquee names, so even if Daredevil were to throw a splash of yellow into his ensemble, we’re confident the design team would be able to make it work.

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