The Dark Knight Rises Will Kill Off A Major Character

Warning, there are major spoilers in this post.

Comic Book Movie, who have been pretty reliable lately, have the scoop on some crucial plot details regarding The Dark Knight Rises. Although just a rumor at this point, they claim that The Dark Knight Rises will kill off a major character. Who will they kill off? None other than Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman).

Take it for what it’s worth but apparently CBM has sources that have confirmed it. No word on who kills him or how it happens but apparently he will meet his maker in The Dark Knight Rises.

Shocking eh? I love ‘ol Lucius and if the rumors are true, and he does die, it’s going to be mighty sad. Looks like no one is safe in The Dark Knight Rises and Nolan is going all out here.

It makes you wonder though, if he’s willing to kill Lucius, who else might meet their end in the film? Also, how does Lucius die? Who kills him? What does the caped crusader decide to do about it?

Let the speculation begin!