Another Possible Dark Knight Rises Prologue Description Leaks

Oh boy, was it really only nine days ago when I posted the first possibly likely leak of the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises? Another Bane-centric prologue description leaked today, and this one seems to be way more legit than the first.

With the recent official announcement that the prologue will be premiering before Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, everyday that goes by seems to make “leaks” more probable. Specifically, this description from an anonymous CBM community member which fits within the “eight years” storyline. It even describes Christopher Nolan-like shots, and it doesn’t go out of its way to be over the top.

I think it could definitely be the real deal. Check it out below, courtesy of CBM. Let us know what you think in the comments.

It is one of the assassinations ordered by Ra’s al Ghul. A mind blowing action sequence set aboard the Hercules plane, involving some innovative camera work ala Inception hallway fight scene. Bane [Tom Hardy] and his mercenaries hijack a military plane transporting a dictator of a country which is in unrest (think Saddam Hussein type figure). He successfully kills the leader, but makes some mistakes along the way and is unable to safely land the plane. Because of the resulting injuries from the accident, he has to undergo complicated surgeries and that is how he winds up with that scar down his neck and the need for the mask to numb the pain.

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