The Dark Knight’s Tactical Suit Is Featured In Latest Justice League Merch


If question marks began to loom over Justice League soon after the appointment of Joss Whedon, who took over the reins on Warner’s mega-budget epic to allow Zack Snyder to tend to a personal tragedy, then the film’s latest (and potentially greatest?) trailer arrived at SDCC to instill a renewed sense of belief in the DC faithful.

Couple this with the fact that Wonder Woman recently overtook Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ($387 million) to become 2017’s highest-grossing summer release with $389 million and it’s small wonder why a crackle of excitement is beginning to swirl around the DC Extended Universe once again.

And much like how Avengers: Infinity War plans to bring together its roster of costumed crusaders to fight off an alien invader (spoilers: it’s Thanos, the modern-day equivalent of Darth Vader), Justice League will pit the likes of Batman, Aquaman, Diana, and The Flash against Steppenwolf. Armed to the teeth with fantastical weaponry and their own special abilities, out of the six, it is Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader who will come packing the biggest arsenal (“What’s your superpower?” To which Batfleck replies, “I’m rich.”).

From the airborne Batwing to the remodelled Batmobile, the World’s Greatest Detective isn’t one for cutting corners when it comes to firepower, but in terms of the tactical Batsuit, a new gallery of images have surfaced online (with a tip of the hat to CBM) that takes you up close and personal with Bruce Wayne’s flagship armor.

On November 17th, Justice League pulls together six of DC’s finest to defend Earth from the invading Steppenwolf. A loyal disciple of the all-powerful Darkseid, Ciaran Hinds’ mega-villain has arrived on our planet in search of the three Mother Boxes, artifacts from a bygone era that will ostensibly serve as the film’s MacGuffins. All of that and more was teased in JL‘s epic, four-minute trailer, which became one of SDCC 2017’s many highlights.