Darren Criss To Co-Star In Kristen Wiig’s Imogene

Darren Criss, the “guest star” who became practically the main focus of Glee after the amazing response his character got from fans, has plans to be in his first major feature film, Imogene, starring Kristen Wiig.

The dark comedy is to be about a woman (Wiig) who fake attempts suicide to win back her ex-boyfriend but ultimately just ends up in custody of her gambling mother (Annette Bening). Wiig recently found huge success in Bridesmaids, which she wrote and starred in.

On Glee, Criss’s character Blaine was the mature, adjusted gay icon of Kurt (Chris Colfer), who was confused and scared until he met his future boyfriend. Blaine also led some of the show’s greatest musical numbers in his fantastically tailored prep school uniform, performing top 40 hits like “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry, “Raise Your Glass” by Pink, and “Misery” by Maroon 5.

Of course, many fans know Darren from much humbler begins. His real “big break” was when he and other students at University of Michigan wrote and performed A Very Potter Musical, which quickly became a YouTube sensation. Criss played none other than Harry Potter himself in the two-act play, which has garnered millions of hits.

Between the Harry Potter and Glee communities, Criss is slowly becoming a household name, quickly passing up his Glee counterparts. Criss was just upgraded to a series regular, while other characters’ roles will be dramatically reduced.

Are you ready to see Darren Criss on the big screen?