Darren Lynn Bousman Still Desperate To Direct New Leprechaun Movie


The Leprechaun movie series, which has racked up no less than eight instalments, apparently still has its fans within the filmmaking community. Lionsgate and Syfy worked together on the most recent outing, 2018’s Leprechaun Returns, which tried to go back to the roots of the original 1980s movie after a poorly received reboot in 2014. Although there doesn’t seem to be massive demand for more Leprechaun content, director Darren Lynn Bousman is reportedly keen to take on the franchise.

Bousman, whose directing credits include several Saw movies, The Barrens, and St. Agatha, has long wanted to try his hand at a Leprechaun picture. Speaking to MTV News as far back as 2008, he had this to say about the prospect of being offered the job:

“I would do Leprechaun in a second. If Lionsgate is listening, give me Leprechaun. It’s just one of those fun popcorn movies. I would love to bring back the fun popcorn movie – extreme violence, extreme absurdity – but make it fun.”

Indeed, Bousman was still campaigning to be involved in the Leprechaun world when we interviewed him in 2015, and took to Twitter earlier this year to remind Lionsgate that he’s still waiting for their call:

“It’s that time of year again where I remind my good friends at Lionsgate that I still want to reboot the Leprechaun movie (AGAIN)… Lep gets in a time machine and goes back to the Colorado Gold Rush. You guys have my number, I’ll be sitting by the phone.”

Of course, a new Leprechaun movie isn’t out of the question at Syfy, given their recent investment in the Critters franchise, as well as an in-development Killer Klowns From Outer Space picture. The Leprechaun series, for all its flaws, does remain one of the more gonzo 1980s horror franchises, sending its villain into the hood, space, and Las Vegas. An awesome-sounding team-up with Candyman unfortunately didn’t make it out of development, while eagle-eyed viewers of this year’s Child’s Play reboot may also have noticed a reference to the Leprechaun through one of the alternate Good Guy toy costumes.

Whether Bousman gets his chance to make a new Leprechaun movie has yet to be confirmed, but we’d imagine he’ll continue his campaign in 2020 if no deal’s been made. In the meantime, he’ll be directing The Organ Donor, the ninth entry in the Saw franchise, which is due in theaters on May 15th, 2020.