Tony Todd Explains Why He Turned Down The Candyman Vs. Leprechaun Movie


The Leprechaun franchise has gone in some strange and perplexing directions over the years, but if you feel like the horror comedy series couldn’t get much sillier than Leprechaun 4: In Space or Leprechaun in the Hood, there was a brief moment when the studio was seriously considering a crossover with the Candyman films until actor Tony Todd shot down the idea.

The unrealized crossover came up in a recent interview with Dread Central, prompting Todd to share his side of the story, and why he didn’t want to see the Candyman face off against Warwick Davis’ Irish killer:

“This was right around the time of Freddy vs Jason and [Candyman vs Leprechaun] did come across my desk. I saw it and I said, ‘I will never be involved in something like that.’ I respect the character. Once a horror character becomes something of an icon [like Candyman], reluctantly or not, you have to treat that with respect that. I remember watching Abbott and Costello vs Frankenstein continuously as a kid and being amazed that my horror legends were making a comedy. So, I guess there are some ways to make something like that work, but I wasn’t interested in doing that with Candyman.”

Given the huge gulf in tone between Candyman and Leprechaun, this was probably the right call. Granted, the Leprechaun movies has always indulged in zany ideas, but it’s hard to imagine the sinister world of Candyman blending well with the goofy carnage of its fellow horror property.

In any case, the Leprechaun franchise persists with the release of Leprechaun Returns last month, while Jordan Peele is set to produce a “spiritual sequel” to the original 1992 Candyman. And while Todd has his doubts that he’ll be a part of the reboot, he’s at least proud to see that the series continues to draw the interest of filmmakers as renowned as Peele:

“It’s a fantastic occurrence for me that I never could have imagined. Most films have a shelf life of maybe one or two years. But I think that with horror films in particular, once they click with fans, they never let them go. So, I’m honored that, A: Someone would want to bring Candyman back and, B: That someone of Jordan Peele’s caliber wants to produce it. That’s extraordinary and I think it’s going to be a great boon for horror fans and for Candyman fans worldwide.”

As it stands, we have only a few details on the Nia DaCosta-helmed reboot, though Deadline reported last year that the film will be set in the “now-gentrified section of Chicago where the Cabrini-Green housing projects once stood.” Regardless, there’ll be plenty of time to learn more before the new Candyman hits theaters on June 12th, 2020.