Dave Bautista On Kyle Rittenhouse: “F**k That Kid!”

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been the talk of the internet all day since it started. It has constantly trended on Twitter to the point where it looks like Drax the Destroyer himself decided he needed to comment on the situation in quite the visceral way.

Back in August 25, 2020, during unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin during a Black Lives Matter Protest, Rittenhouse shot and killed two men and wounded another man in the arm during confrontations at two locations with an AR-15 style rifle. Now, as he faces the trial, Dave Bautista has some strong words for the young man.

To quote the man himself: “F**k that kid!”

No, seriously, Rittenhouse’s tears did not dissuade Bautista in the slightest. He once again made sure to reiterate for everyone on Twitter exactly how he feels about Rittenhouse at this moment.

He did take a bit of time to break down the situation further in another Tweet showed he in no way felt empathy for Rittenhouse in the slightest, once more repeating the phrase.

“Seriously. Fuck that kid. Fuck his breakdown. Fuck that judge. He’s a murderer who set out to murder people. He got out on bail and celebrated his murders with fucking racists. I have zero sympathy for him and neither should anyone else.”

Other actors have gotten in trouble in the past for sharing their political views, ex-Mandalorian star Gina Carano being a particularly famous example. It will be interesting to see if Dave Bautista showing his extreme derision for Rittenhouse will hurt — or even help — his Hollywood prospects in the future.