Dave Bautista Reportedly Wants To Play 2 DCEU Roles At Once

Bane The Dark Knight Rises

There are no rules against actors playing more than one comic book role, with countless names having done so on multiple occasions in the two decades since the superhero boom kicked off, but it’s rare for a star to hold a pair of notable parts simultaneously, and even rarer for them to exist under one studio banner.

Of course, Josh Brolin was the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Thanos and Fox’s Cable at the same time just a couple of years ago, while Gemma Chan was cast as Captain Marvel‘s Minn-Erva before being awarded the ostensible lead role of Sersi in the upcoming Eternals, giving her the distinction of appearing as two completely different and significant canonical MCU characters.

Insider Daniel Richtman is now touting that Dave Bautista wants to break the mold, by offering that the former professional wrestler would like to play two DC parts at once, one in The Batman mythology and the other within the framework of the canonical DCEU. Unfortunately, though, the tipster’s explanation as to who they might be is non-existent.

That being said, Bautista has already made it abundantly clear that he’s going to bust some heads in the Warner Bros. boardroom if they hire a new Bane that isn’t him, while he’s also voiced his interest in Lobo and Clayface in the past. Of course, there’s been no official word of the 52 year-old entering talks for one DC blockbuster never mind two, but it’s not as if he’s been hiding his desire to join the franchise should the opportunity arrive one day. And really, it just seems like a matter of time at this point before we see him jump on over to the other side.