David Arquette Wants To Return As Dewey In Scream 5


Since Wes Craven’s tragic passing in 2015, the Scream series has kept a fairly low profile, particularly on the big screen. Though three seasons of the titular slasher series have been released on television, questions still remain regarding the future of the franchise movie-wise.

Sure, while Scream 4 made a modest profit at the box office back in 2011, its $97 million global haul was hardly a gangbusters number for a popular horror franchise overseen by the Master of Horror himself, Wes Craven. Fortunately for fans of the meta series though, the iconic Ghostface killer is indeed officially set to return in Scream 5. However, will it be a remake, a reboot, or a sequel? And who will be starring in the leading roles?

Those details have yet to be confirmed, but interestingly, in a recent interview with MovieWeb, David Arquette voiced his interest in returning to reprise his role as Dwight “Officer Dewey” Riley:

My phone has not rang and I know nothing. I honestly don’t. And I’m not just saying that. So I know just like you that they’re working on a script, apparently. I don’t know if our characters are going to be involved. It’d be nice. It would be exciting to be a part of it. It’ll be sad that Wes [Craven] isn’t there but I would love to see his legacy continue and the great projects and films that he was a part of an afterlife, and continue what he started. I would love to see more Nightmare on Elm Streets. I’d love to see more Screams. I just think he’s such an incredibly talented and amazing person. I’m so honored that I had gotten to work with him, just in general. So, whatever they decide to do, it’s what they’ll decide. You can’t bet on stuff like that. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing.


Furthermore, Arquette offered some ideas as to where he thinks the character may be in the world of Scream, if the studio do indeed choose to continue his story:

I don’t know. I guess maybe he’d be almost ready for retirement. I don’t know if he would still be together with Gale. There was a lot of interesting stuff that we were pitching to Wes [Craven] for Scream 4 that didn’t really happen. Even, in one of the earlier drafts, [Dewey and Gale] had a kid, which was interesting. Because, obviously me and my ex Courtney [Cox] actually had a kid and we met on the Scream films. So it was kind of a fun parallel. I don’t know if they would still be together, or if they wouldn’t. I always liked the dynamic of them, sort of the cat and mouse, Sam and Diane aspect of their relationship was always fun for me. Whatever it is, I’d love to see it have some stakes to it, where it’s palpable. Just play with the love element. I think that was fun about the first one especially. You could see the spark in their eyes and a budding relationship. To go back to that would be fun.

Of course, nothing official about Arquette’s return to the Scream franchise is confirmed yet, but we’d absolutely be down for Dewey to make an appearance in some shape or form. Of all the bumbling cops to come out of the horror genre, Arquette’s endearingly awkward-but-loveable turn as Officer Dewey has to be one one the most downright charming, right?

But tell us, would you be down to see the Sheriff of Woodsboro make a return to the Scream movies? Or would you prefer the studio to just hit the reset button and move forward with an entirely new cast? Let us know in the usual place down below!