Ghostface To Return As Scream 5 Is Officially In Development


After a few years of the franchise keeping a pretty low profile, understandably and rightfully so following Wes Craven’s death, 2019’s been a good time to be a Scream fan. Scream: Resurrectionthe third season of the TV show that fans waited several years for, finally arrived and went down pretty well and now, to make things even better, Scream 5 has been officially confirmed to be in the works at Spyglass Media Group.

Bloody Disgusting is the one with the news, though if you remember, We Got This Covered was actually the first outlet to report on this several months ago, when we told you a new Scream movie was moving forward. Now, BD has confirmed our scoop, informing us that the aforementioned Spyglass will be producing. Though unfortunately, the details end there.

As of now, they can’t confirm whether it’ll be a remake, reboot or sequel, but the important thing here is that the series is finally getting another cinematic outing and Ghostface will return. And hopefully sooner rather than later.

It’s still early days, but fans are already speculating on whether any of the original cast might be back, too. Again, we don’t know what form this new film will take – though our initial intel pointed to it being a reboot – but Neve Campbell has previously said that she wouldn’t rule out another go as Sidney Prescott, while David Arquette seems down to return as Dewey. After Scream 4 underwhelmed back in 2011, though, it may be best to just do a complete reset of the franchise and start fresh.

In any case, more Scream is definitely good news and as soon as we get some further details on what to expect, we’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, leave us a comment down below with what you’re hoping to see from the series’ next big screen outing.