Scream Reboot Reportedly Moving Forward


UPDATE: There was a bit of confusion while speaking with our sources and though a reboot is indeed in development, it’s not happening at Blumhouse as we previously thought. Apologies for the confusion.

Following their success with rebooting Halloween, it’s no surprise that Blumhouse is working on relaunching other classic horror franchises. Back in February, Jason Blum revealed that Scream and Hellraiser reboots were being considered and if our info’s correct, the studio’s now actively moving forward with the former, and resurrecting Wes Craven’s Ghostface.

Discussing Film recently broke the news that Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day) is set to write and direct a new movie for Blumhouse that’s about a killer terrorizing a small town. Though this premise sounded a lot like 1996’s slasher mystery flick, which led some to theorize that it could be a Scream reboot, we’ve now learned that this isn’t the case.

We Got This Covered has been informed by our sources – the same ones who revealed that Swamp Thing movie is happening, which Bloody Disgusting later confirmed, and that both Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds would show up in Hobbs & Shaw – that Landon’s aforementioned project is something completely unrelated, but that a Scream reboot is still happening.

After a few years of the franchise laying dormant, understandably and rightfully so following Craven’s death, 2019’s been a good year to be a Scream fan. Scream: Resurrectionthe third season of the TV show we’ve been waiting 3 years for, finally arrived this summer and now there’s this potential reboot. Obviously, fans will be hoping it’ll bring back some old favorites, but it’s too early to say whether that’s likely just yet.

Neve Campbell has previously commented that she wouldn’t rule out a return as Sidney Prescott though, while David Arquette seems interested in coming back as Dewey. After Scream 4 underperformed back in 2011, however, Blumhouse may be wise to start from scratch and disregard continuity, much like the TV series did.