Warner Bros. May Be Developing A Swamp Thing Horror Movie


DC fans were crushed when Swamp Thing was cancelled at the beginning of the month, shortly after its first ever episode aired. The show had earned a lot of critical acclaim already and fans were ready for a faithful adaptation of the monstrous anti-hero from the comics. In the wake of the show’s sudden end, though, ol’ Swampie might be about to rise up from the waters again in his own movie.

We Got This Covered has been told that Warner Bros. may be developing a Swamp Thing film. The initial good will around the DC Universe series and the backlash against the cancellation seems to have inspired the studio to consider doing something with the character on the big screen. We’ve been told that this wouldn’t be a continuation of the show, however, and would feature a whole new cast.

Our source previously brought us the news that WB is developing a John Constantine movie as well, potentially starring Colin Farrell as the Hellblazer. If you’re wondering if it’s no coincidence that they’re working on something with two of DC’s supernatural superheroes at the same time, then you’d be right. Apparently, the studio wants to do more with the Justice League Dark team. This doesn’t come as a surprise, either, since a JLD movie has been in development hell for years.

Swamp Thing film we’re told would be a horror movie, much as you’d expect, with a similar sort of vibe to the series. WB seems interested in expanding the DC universe into horror territory in the near future, too, as an Aquaman spinoff based on the Trench is expected to go in the same direction. It’s worth mentioning that this will be produced by James Wan, who also produced the Swamp Thing TV series. It’s unclear if he’d be involved with the film, but as soon as we learn more, we’ll be sure to let you know.