Swamp Thing Fans Campaign To Save The Show


Whenever a beloved TV show gets cancelled, devoted fans pretty much feel like they’ve been dealt an emotional kick to the gut. No matter if said series has run for fifteen seasons or only thirteen episodes, it seems like such a wound never heals. If you don’t believe me, just ask anyone with an affinity for Firefly or Constantine.

Similarly, such outcry has been heard this week upon the plug being abruptly pulled from Swamp Thing. After only one episode had the chance to air, the Powers That Be have opted not to continue its adventures on the DC Universe streaming service. In case you were wondering, all ten episodes of season 1 will still be released, but that’ll be it.

That said, it should come as no surprise that a social media campaign to save the show has swiftly taken shape. Already, Twitter has been lit up by the “#SaveSwampThing.” Though some may understandably scoff at this, it’s important to note this practice played a big part in bringing Lucifer back from the abyss. After Fox cancelled that particular series, Netflix saw the potential and picked it up for a fourth go-round. And if that weren’t enough, renewal for a fifth and final season came yesterday.

Taking that into account, one could think something similar may happen with Swamp Thing. Granted, there could be more legality behind this than we’d imagine, but it’s not crazy to assume an entity such as Netflix could afford it a second chance.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the latest episode, “Worlds Apart.” Here’s the synopsis for that one:

While Sheriff Lucilia Cable (series star JENNIFER BEALS) searches for Alec unsuccessfully, Abby theorizes that it was more than an accident and retrieves his video journals from Daniel Cassidy (special guest star IAN ZIERING). When one of her patients, Susie Coyle (guest star ELLE GRAHAM), escapes from the hospital, Abby and Matt follow her into the swamp.

There, Abby encounters Swamp Thing – a creature that Susie later identifies as Alec Holland. While Alec struggles to understand his metamorphosis into the monstrous, plant-based creature, known as Swamp Thing, Avery meets with Jason Woodrue (series regular KEVIN DURAND), the scientist who initially developed the biological accelerant responsible for the “green flu” and orders him to halt the epidemic. And Maria Sunderland reaches out to Madame Xanadu (series star JERYL PRESCOTT) in order to communicates with her dead daughter, Shawna (guest star GIVEN SHARP).

Swamp Thing airs on Fridays on DC Universe.