David Ayer Shares Alternate Version Of Suicide Squad’s Awful Villain

suicide squad incubus

One of the many problems with the early years of the DCEU was the franchise’s insistence that a poorly-rendered CGI villain be obligated to show up for the third act showdown opposite whoever the protagonists may be.

Wonder Woman‘s Ares was a studio-mandated inclusion, with Patty Jenkins revealing she fought the idea of having David Thewlis’ face pasted onto a low-rent CGI body, before she went and did the exact same thing in the sequel by turning Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah into a reject from Cats.

Joss Whedon’s Justice League decided the all-star team’s biggest threat be the beige blob of nothingness that was Steppenwolf, but Suicide Squad‘s Incubus is arguably the worst of the lot. At no point does the swirling turd of evil look anything other than laughable, something David Ayer knows full well.

Continuing his stealth mission to keep the #ReleaseTheAyerCut dream alive, the filmmaker revealed concept art detailing his preferred version of Incubus, which you can see below.

Ironically, should the Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad happen and give Incubus this particular makeover, then ‘reinventing the bad guys as a lot spikier’ would become the recurring trend of the DCEU’s re-edited blockbusters, looking at how Zack Snyder upgraded his take on Steppenwolf.