David Fincher Wants Christian Bale For His Steve Jobs Biopic


It’s hard not to feel bad for Ashton Kutcher and his Steve Jobs biopic from last summer, the aptly titled jOBS. It didn’t do much critically or at the box office and now, it’s being overshadowed by a far more promising film that’s also about the iconic founder of Apple.

Though no release date or title have been set just yet, this particular Jobs biopic will be penned by Aaron Sorkin and sees the brilliant writer re-teaming with his Social Network director David Fincher. Those two working together again is reason enough to expect great things from this project. However, the deal has just been sweetened a bit more as The Wrap is reporting the Fincher has his eye on Christian Bale for the lead role.

Apparently, talks haven’t begun but Fincher is adamant on having Bale in the role and if for some reason the actor is unable to come on board, then Fincher might drop out as he doesn’t have anyone else in mind. Thankfully, Bale does have some free time in his schedule, having just wrapped Ridley Scott’s Biblical epic Exodus, but again, the two parties have not begun talks and as of now, nothing is official.

Produced by Scott Rudin and based on Walter Isaacson’s best-selling biography of the tech genius, Sorkin’s script focuses on Jobs in a different way than Kutcher’s film did. Here, we’ll get “three, 30-minute scenes all set right before three major product launches.” The launches will be “the first Mac (early 1984), the NeXT (throughout 1997), and the iPod (late 2001).”

Of course, Christian Bale is without a doubt one of the most versatile and talented actors in Hollywood right now and the man can seemingly not give a bad performance. He’s been absolutely brilliant in just about every film he’s done and his dedication to his roles is impressive. Personally, I’d love to see him play an icon like Steve Jobs. It would be a great part for him to really get lost in and I have no doubt that he could do wonders with it.

Think about it: the team behind The Social Network making a film about Steve Jobs with Christian Bale potentially taking the lead role. How can it get any better than that?