David Fincher’s Gone Girl Has Gone… Into Production


Production on David Fincher’s Gone Girl, the adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s smash hit novel, has officially started in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and the local papers have been sent into a tizzy. Set photos come courtesy of the Southeast Missourian, who were on the scene to profile the comings and goings of the cast and crew.

There’s quite a cast of big names descending on the town, much to be excited about. The eponymous girl, Amy Dunne, is played by Rosamund Pike. Her husband Nick is played by Ben Affleck, who found himself subject to a local TV news report (courtesy of WMCTV) detailing his arrival. Tyler Perry portrays Tanner Bolt, Nick’s attorney, and Neil Patrick Harris will play Amy’s ex-boyfriend Desi Collins, who goes on to play a big part in the novel’s final act.

In other Gone Girl news, author Gillian Flynn appeared on Jimmy Fallon to explain how she actually had David Fincher in mind to direct the adaptation all along, so his appointment to the role is no big surprise. It looks like Flynn will be remaining hands-on across the production of the movie, and her blessing would be a big deal for the studio if they wish to remain true to the novel. She’s also written the script, so it looks like they have faith in her vision.

Shooting is expected to finish in October. Also starring Emily Ratajkowski (a.k.a. that girl you like from the Blurred Lines video), Gone Girl is expected to hit theaters next year, courtesy of 20th Century Fox.