David Goyer Could Direct Green Lantern Corps

It’s been a busy, busy week for the DC Extended Universe – but would you expect any less? With a packed slate of projects all brewing in various stages of development, updates have been arriving at an alarming rate. Earlier this week, we learned that the studio was hoping to put out a second DC film in 2018, to go along with Aquaman, and just a few hours ago, we reported on Jaume-Collet Serra joining the mix for the Suicide Squad 2 director hunt.

Now, we’ve got an update on Green Lantern Corps for you. Though still quite a ways away, the pic is already being penned by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes, as Warner Bros. continues to look for two actors to play Hal Jordan and John Stewart. But so far, nothing’s emerged about a potential director. Until now, that is. Tracking-Board’s Jeff Sneider has revealed that his sources say Goyer could end up getting behind the camera. And as any DC fan can tell you, that’s not very encouraging to hear.

Make no mistake about it, the man is definitely familiar with this universe and these characters, having contributed to movies like Batman Begins, Batman V Superman, Man of Steel, The Dark Knight and more in a writing capacity. When it comes to directing, however, which is a whole different beast, he’s put out stuff like The Invisible and The Unborn. Yeah, we had to look them up, too.

He doesn’t have the best track record in the director’s seat then and we’re not too sure why WB would go with him when there’s no doubt countless other filmmakers out there who would be thrilled to snag a job like this. After all, the studio really needs this movie to be a hit given how hard they dropped the ball last time the character was adapted for the big screen.

Of course, it’s important to take all this with the requisite grain of salt, as Warner Bros. has given us no indication yet as to who they might have their eye on. If they do go with Goyer for Green Lantern Corps, though, you can bet that the fanboys will have something to say about it. And it probably won’t be of the positive variety.

Source: Screen Rant