Warner Bros. Sets David Goyer And Justin Rhodes To Pen Green Lantern Corps. Script


Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros. has set David Goyer and Justin Rhodes to pen the script for their upcoming Green Lantern Corps., which is being described as Lethal Weapon in space. The studio is said to be moving ahead with the project “aggressively” and have brought in DC head honcho Geoff Johns and Jon Berg to act as executive producers.

Furthermore, we’re hearing that it will be a “comic book origin story” with a focus on both Hal Jordan and John Stewart. No word yet on if Warner Bros. will look to Ryan Reynolds to reprise his role as Jordan, but it seems unlikely at this stage. Especially given the actor’s commitments to the Deadpool franchise. As for Stewart, several actors have been vocal about playing the part in the past but for now, the studio hasn’t commented on who they have their eye on.


While it’s nice to hear that there’s finally some tangible signs of movement on Green Lantern Corps., the decision to recruit Goyer is sure to upset some fans. Yes, he was responsible for bringing Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy to life, but he also had a hand in Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – two films that weren’t received too positively. How he’ll do with this new project remains to be seen, but already there’s a sense of scepticism amongst the DC faithful, and it’s easy to see why.

At the very least, it does seem like the studio’s once again trying to brighten up their DCEU, as indicated by the whole Lethal Weapon vibe, which will no doubt make this a more lighthearted affair than the aforementioned Dawn of Justice. And that can only be a good thing, right?

Green Lantern Corps. was originally set to arrive in theatres on July 24th, 2020, but that date may change now due to these recent developments. As always, we’ll keep you posted once we learn more.