David Goyer Is Writing Justice League


Along with tonight’s news about Zack Snyder and David Goyer returning for a Man Of Steel sequel, there are also reports that Goyer is penning the script for the most anticipated DC film of all time, Justice League.

Deadline says Goyer signed a three-film deal which includes Man Of Steel, its sequel, and Justice League. Will Beall was working on a script since last summer, but it was reportedly scrapped due to how terrible it was.

According to Latino Review, Goyer went on to confirm the report about his involvement on tonight’s red carpet for Man Of Steel. Check out that Tweet below.

He then went on to say that Goyer meant writing, not directing when he said “doing it.”

The execs over at Warner Bros. are obviously confident in what they have with Man Of Steel if they want Goyer to take on the biggest film in DC history. Between his involvement with Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight TrilogyMan Of Steel, and now Justice League, Goyer will have had more control over these characters than anyone in a very long time. That’s a lot of power for one man, but so far he’s shown he can handle it. Plus, if Nolan isn’t going to be involved with Justice League, the next best thing is someone who worked so closely with Nolan for so many years.

The only question about the current report is if Goyer signed a three-film deal when he was brought on for Man Of Steel, why was Beall working on a Justice League script? Perhaps Goyer’s deal was simply to work on the script, even if he wasn’t the sole writer, but something still seems slightly off with that.

If he really has been signed on from the start, there’s a fairly good chance he’s written part of the script already. He’s obviously been busy with his obligations to Superman, but the script for Justice League may be well underway by now, and that’s something that should have all DC fans excited.

There’s still no timetable at all on this project, and it seems almost certain that we’ll see the Man Of Steel sequel before Justice League, but Warner is showing that they’re still serious about this project, and they want it to happen as a part of the current run of DC movies, which bodes very well for seeing it in the next few years.

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