David Koepp dishes on Dark Universe’s ‘Bride of Frankenstein’

Bride of Frankenstein

The Dark Universe of films Universal intended to make came to an early end after Tom Cruise’s The Mummy failed to come out of its tomb at the box office and more has just been shared about its cancelled Bride of Frankenstein work.

It was gonna be a great big movie. Bill Condon was gonna direct it and then The Mummy detonated and that all fell apart. Then I did a much smaller version and I thought that was interesting, but that didn’t quite work out. I think someone else is taking a try now. So, I don’t know. I felt like Bride of Frankenstein is a treasure obviously and it doesn’t belong to me. I got two really good cracks at it, so definitely fair to let someone else have a try. So, I don’t know what will work out with that.

Spider-Man screenwriter David Koepp made the comments about his cancelled project above in an interview with Collider published Friday. The movie was initially scheduled for release in 2019 before going back to the drawing board and, while Koepp has let go of the concept for the moment, he did say his would have jumped through time as well.

Oh yeah, sure. It was going to be a very big lavish, beautiful, gothic horror production. One idea I liked was the first thirty or forty pages took place in the 1870s as the Frankenstein movies do and then she became sort of inert for 150 years and was rediscovered and reawakened in the present day. I thought that was cool.

In another life. If it does come back, maybe they’ll explore doing it with names like John Krasinski and Sam Rami, who we reported previously were in the mix of people who would potentially get involved.